2024 Germania Goddesses Frigg 2 oz Silver Colorized Premium Cast Bar


Item specifics
Year of Issue:2024
Issuing Country:Germania
Weight:2 oz
Finish:Antiqued, BU, Colorized
Special Feature:Individually Numbered
Diameter:40.13 x 25.07 x 7.5 mm
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Display Box

Beautiful, commanding and unyielding… such were the Germanic Goddesses, who played a fundamental role in the world of deities, kings, warriors and beasts. They performed guardian functions, presided over various aspects of life and nature, and were linked to combat and the fate of men. The heroines of the new series of Silver Cast Bars from Germania Mint will bring you to a world full of feminine power, magic and desire. Freyja, Gullweig, Frigg, Gefion, Nerthus, Sigyn… these are just some of the goddesses who tied their fortunes to the Germanic gods. They formed families with them, and thus influenced the fate of the world and people. They healed, ensured fertility, took care of the dead… Silver Cast Bars from Germania Mint, with a unique design, are created from 999.9 silver, marked with an individual number and mint mark. Collect the entire set of six Cast Bars, issued every two months, on which we show images of beautiful goddesses.

Frigg, the goddess and wife of Odin, was the protector of marriages, the hearth, the household, health, and also the sky and clouds, enabling her to bring rain. She received the gift of omniscience from Odin, allowing her to see into the future, though she could not alter the course of events.

Frigg was destined to weep twice in the history of the world: first, when her son Baldur died, and second, during Ragnarök, when Odin met his demise

Each bar is delivered in an elegant, eco-friendly box designed and manufactured at Germania Mint Packaging – a leader in modern, innovative numismatic packaging.

The minimalist black box is complemented by a stylized wrapper with an image of a goddess. Such packaging is the perfect complement to the collector’s bar, which is sure to appeal to those who appreciate beauty and Germanic mythology.

The product also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, which confirms its originality.