Glines & Rhodes started as a small family-owned precious metal refinery in 1915. Over the next century we would expand and persevere through many changes in the metal markets and the world. Eventually that growth spawned additional product and service offerings within the precious metals industry and led to the start of GR Reserve.

GR Reserve is the creation of our two leading metals brokers who oversee the Glines & Rhodes’ trading desk. Leveraging decades of experience in the precious metals industry and a vast network of domestic and international mints, GR Reserve is bringing products once exclusive to wholesalers to the retail masses.

Offering a wide variety of rare and collectible precious metal items from around the world, GR Reserve is a true retail destination.

As distributors for over 20 world mints, our goal is to offer items that appeal to both the precious metal investor & the discerning collector, all at the most competitive prices in the industry.

  • To this day, we are still a family-owned business true to our roots.
  • Focused on providing transparency, the best customer experience, and to educate our customers.
  • Our goal is to make our customers comfortable with the process, and ultimately bring them into the family of satisfied repeat customers.