2024 Pirate Willie 33.5 Gram Copper Coin in Blister Pack – Roll of 20


Item specifics
Year of Issue:2024
Weight:20 oz (20 x 1oz)
Special Feature:Colorized
Denomination:No Denomination
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Blisterpack w/COA

This items is sold by rolls of 20.


Steamboat WIllie was ambushed by pirates, but he turned the tables! With a mighty “Toot-Toot”, he outmaneuvered them, defeated Captain Blackbeak and claimed their treasure. As the new Pirate Captain, Willie used his steamboat for dastardly deeds, earning him the nickname “The Steam Scourge of the Seven Seas”. With his trusty steamboat they became a symbol of fear, and his reign of terror was legendary!

-This coin comes in Blister pack w/COA

-This coin is slightly heavier than a troy oz of copper (33.5g > 31.1g troy oz) with 40mm specifications.

-Minimum order is 20-coins