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2025 Cameroon Astrals of War Space Marine Captain Kane 2oz Silver Coin

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Item specifics
Year of Issue:2025
Issuing Country:Cameroon
Weight:2 oz
Finish:Antiqued High Relief
Special Feature:Colorized
Diameter:50 mm
Denomination:2000 Francs
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Upright Clear Acrylic Case

In the distant future, humanity had spread its influence across the stars, colonizing countless planets and encountering alien civilizations. Amidst the vast cosmos, solitary figure known as Captain Alex Kane stood as the last of the Space Marines, a legendary group of warriors who had defended humanity for centuries.


Born into a world of uncertainty and chaos, Captain Alex Kane’s destiny was forever altered when he made the choice to join the ranks of the Space Marine Corps. He now stands as the last of his kind….


Space Marine Captain Kane: On the Obverse, Captain Kane stands on a distant planet in search of those responsible for the massacre of his troops.


On the reverse, the Space Marine emblem is imprinted on top of a distant moon.


Join us in our Astrals of War Series as we explore the great perils and adventures awaiting in deep space!