2022 Niue Romance of the Three Kingdoms Cao Cao 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin


Item specifics
Year of Issue:2022
Issuing Country:Niue
Weight:2 oz
Composition:.999 Silver
Diameter:45 mm
Finish:Antiqued High Relief
Special Feature:Selective Gold Plating
Packaging:Display Box w/COA

Cao Cao (曹操) (155 AD – 15 March 220 AD) was the last prime minister of the Han dynasty of ancient China. As a central figure of the Three Kingdoms Period, he laid the foundations of what would become the kingdom of Wei (also known as Cáo Wèi) and was posthumously named Emperor Wu of Wei (魏武帝). Cao Cao is the forth issue in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series.

Although he is portrayed in popular culture and in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms as a cruel and suspicious character, the historical Cao Cao shone as a ruler, strategist and poet. Among the Chinese, the figure of Cao Cao is still of great importance today.