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2023 Niue Seven Seals of the Apocalypse White Horse 3oz Silver Coin

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Item specifics
Year of Issue:2023
Issuing Country:Niue
Weight:3 oz
Finish:Antiqued Ultra High Relief
Special Feature:Selective Gilding, Color & Seal Insert
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Display Box

The symbolic image on the coin, titled “White Horse – Victory,” depicts a scene with the first rider on a white horse. He is often identified with Christ as a figure bringing the expectation of salvation and heralding a period of peace and hope. Its connotations include spiritual victory, triumph and the beginning of a new and better period to come, removing suffering and injustice and replacing them with kindness, love and harmony. It is a symbol of hope for salvation and positive transformation, in which good overcomes evil. The golden bow facing the soldiers of the Roman empire, is a symbol of strength and shows a willingness to defend values and fight for justice. Roman soldiers represent antagonistic forces, the scene is a symbolic reflection of determination and readiness to defend truth and spiritual values, being the hope of victory over evil.
In the background we see the bodies of people, representing suffering, mortality, chaos and the consequences of confrontation. The whole painting is set on a dostone and ideal palace reflecting stability, a base of spiritual strength and hope. The floating patacas visible in the background of the palace indicate purification and rebirth.

Summing up the symbolism of the message of the “White Horse – Victory” coin, it depicts the spiritual struggle between good and evil, reflecting hope for positive change, readiness to defend values and spiritual strength with the hope of purification, rebirth.

Let’s read together the obverse of the “White Horse – Victory” coin, which at first glance announces an apocalyptic vision of doom and destruction of the world. And now let’s look at the image metaphorically linking it to a positive vision of the apocalypse.
The sight of meteorites falling to earth from space symbolizes not so much destruction, but rather transformation and purification. It is a reference to the inner transformation of humanity and the world, where falling meteorites represent a process of purification and positive change that leads to a new beginning, full of hope and spiritual awakening.
Against the background of the meteorites falling to earth, we have placed the seven seals of the apocalypse as symbolic stages or events, each signifying the next step towards the fulfillment of St. John’s prophecy. The red color next to the top seal signifies the first seal, which symbolizes victory, and thus the start of the process of breaking through the successive stages of the Apocalypse. It testifies to our spiritual readiness to fight good against evil for positive change in the hope of purification, rebirth.

We invite you to discover the “Seven Seals of the Apocalypse” series, a new work of Carpathian Mint.
Surely everyone is familiar with the ominous vision behind the Apocalypse of St. John contained in the biblical Book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse of St. John.
But many theologians interpret it differently not as annihilation and show through it the moment of fulfillment of justice, the end of suffering and a new stage for humanity.
And this is the interpretation we wish to present in our series in a positive spirit, as a symbolic story of hope, deliverance and spiritual transformation. Instead of focusing on the apocalyptic doom itself, we will show the story of the triumph of good over evil, the promise of a new beginning, purification, the ultimate victory of God’s plan, and salvation for humanity. And the symbolic seals and visions will be seen as a message of spiritual growth, hope for a better tomorrow and confirmation that good will triumph in the end. Our “Seven Seals of the Apocalypse” series expresses faith, strength, hope and opportunities for spiritual growth and salvation in a positive context.

Seven Seals of Apocalypse:

First Seal:
White Horse Symbol – Victory
The first seal presents a white horse, and its interpretation in a positive spirit refers to spiritual victory, hope and peace. It is a symbol of triumph, heralding the bringing of goodness and peace.

Second Seal:
Red Horse Symbol – Peace
The red horse of the second seal is an identification of peace, equality and justice. It is a symbol of the struggle for justice and truth, bringing honesty.

Third Seal:
Black Horse Symbol – Mercy
The black horse of the third seal carries symbols such as mercy, compassion and understanding. It represents the need to express concern for others, which leads to understanding differences and supporting others.

Fourth Seal:
Pale Horse Symbol – Rebirth
The pale horse of the fourth seal symbolizes new beginnings and renewal. This interpretation focuses on positive change, purification and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Fifth Seal:
Symbol of the Dead Martyrs – Courage.
The fifth seal expresses the strength of faith, courage and perseverance of the martyrs. It recalls hope, moral strength and lofty goals.

Sixth Seal:
Symbol of Earth Shaking and Great Changes – Transformation.
The interpretation of the sixth seal focuses on conveying a reference to purification, harmony and the spirit of transformation. It represents a stage of positive transformation and inner purification.

Seventh Seal:
Earthquake Symbol – New Dawn
The last seal is a symbol of a new beginning, purification and the end of evil, bringing hope for a new era in which the fullness of God’s justice, peace and harmony will prevail.