2024 St. Helena Modern Una and The Lion 0.5gram Gold Proof Coin


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Item specifics
Year of Issue:2024
Issuing Country:St. Helena
Weight:0.5 g
Denomination:$2 Euro
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Display Box

The East India Company Collections is proud to present the latest issue in our celebrated ‘Una & the Lion’ series. We are launching this year an invitation to coin designers to reimagine this
ancient legend to give the story of heroic Una and her devoted companion The Lion a fresh, contemporary twist.

The 2024 Una & the Lion has been created this year by artist Carroll Hutchings. Her elegant, determined Una sits beside the powerful but poised lion as the pair look out towards you, almost
making direct eye contact with you! Do you feel their fierce bond and steely determination? This modern retelling of this ancient partnership captures the inseparable connection and unwavering courage at the heart of the medieval legend of this brave princess and the mighty beast by her side.

The legend of Una & the Lion dates back to the 16th Century and Edmund Spencer’s epic poem The Faerie Queen, a classic work of medieval English literature. At over 36,000 lines long, its six books contain one of the longest poems in the English language, each book telling stories of different knights on their various quests to prove or demonstrate their particular virtues. As a
whole, it is believed to be an allegory of the life and achievements of Queen Elizabeth I, but it is in Book One where we meet the heroic figure of Una.

Una is a beautiful princess on a quest to save her mother and father from a cruel dragon who has imprisoned them in a tower. To help her defeat the dragon, she searches for the Red Crosse knight, whose destiny is to become St. George, the patron saint of England. While on her journey Una enters a dark secluded wood, where she encounters a fierce lion who launches an attack on her. However, before he is able to leap upon his prey his initial rage is replaced by wonder, his anger subdued as he is instantly captivated by Una’s beauty and innocence. Instead of tearing her to pieces, he kisses her weary feet and licks her hands. He becomes her strong guard and faithful companion, forever by her side, filling

• A strictly limited edition of coins worldwide.
• New design by female wildlife artist Carroll Hutchings.
• Fresh, natural, and modern interpretation of Una and the Lions connection and courage.
• Created in high detail and precision.
• Struck to our highest Proof quality finish.
• Bespoke presentation case and storytelling booklet.