2023 Germania Witchcraft Seeress 1oz Silver BU Octagonal Coin


Item specifics
Year of Issue:2023
Issuing Country:Germania
Weight:1 oz
Denomination:5 Mark
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:In Capsule

Meet Seeress, the heroine of the first coin from the new Witchcraft series by Germania Mint. The 2023 Witchcraft: Seeress 1 oz Silver BU opens the collection of Germanic sorceress, who foretold the future, ward off evil spirits, and possessed extensive botanical knowledge. The Seeress held a unique place in the hearts of both gods and humans, and even the mighty god Odin sought her counsel.

In preparation for mystical rituals, the Seeress dons ceremonial attire, including a diadem, belt, and pendant made from deer skull fragments and antlers. Her hand tightly grasps a ceremonial staff, a symbol of her mystical authority. At her side is Ratatosk, the mythic squirrel entrusted with carrying messages between the inhabitants of the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

The reverse side presents a completely new design, yet it features the Germania Mint’s double-headed eagle. At its center are the animal skulls and dragons, associated with the realm of the dead. Surrounding these enigmatic symbols are Germanic runes, bearing auspicious, lucky, and protective qualities.

Designed by Mateusz Frąckowiak, the coin will be issued in a limited edition of 20 000 pieces. Its authenticity is confirmed by the included Certificate of Authenticity.