2021 Niue Wild Afrika Do You Know Me? Green Mamba Snake 1/2 oz Silver Coin


Item specifics
Year of Issue:2021
Issuing Country:Niue
Weight:1/2 oz
Composition:.999 Silver
Finish:Antiqued, Colorized
Packaging:Display Box w/COA

This amazing coin depicts the eye of the green mamba, a highly venomous snake common in Africa, stares straight at you. Special technology has been used to create the appearance of the real eye – the eye is convex and the snake’s scales have mini relief. The design and embossing solutions and the UV varnish technology used make it look as if the snake is looking straight at you.

  • First issue in the new “Do you Know me?”
  • Convex shape
  • UV varnish technology
  • Limited mintage of only 1000 pieces worldwide

I am from the most feared venomous and bad reputation snake family of Africa, who live in various habitats and are present in almost whole Sub-Saharan Africa. We live in tropical forests, savannas and also Semi-Desert areas. Traditionally, there are 4 species of my family members recognized, I am one from them. I am highly arboreal. I am the biggest one and I may grow to 2.5 meters. I have black tail, but I’m not black.
I live in the tropical forests of Central Africa. I spend almost whole life in the treetop, so I do not come close to humans. I have extremely potent neurotoxin, I need it to kill fast and strong prey, like birds and animals.
I am diurnal and have good eyesight. Before you can even see me I will see you and disappear in the green vegetation.