2022 Tokelau African Lion vs Chinese Guardian Lion 2oz Silver Coin

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Item specifics
Year of Issue:2022
Issuing Country:Tokelau
Weight:2 oz
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Display Box w/COA

On this piece, the two massive beasts lunge forward at each other fiercely – eyes lit, fangs bared and claws showing. An image of force and power, one can almost hear the resounding roar as they clash. Minute lines that detail the muscles and fur on their bodies are contrasted with bold shadows and deep indentations on their faces.

Their impressive mane is striking and rises above the reverse to a 3D effect. Attention to fine specifics such as the matted knots on the mane of the Chinese Guardian Lion compared to the African Lion’s luscious mane flowing behind him, make them distinctly differentiated from each other, and are skillfully delivered to ensure it speaks to the collector. The obverse features the legal tender of Tokelau, the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.