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2024 Samoa The Holy Lance 2 oz Silver Antiqued Gilded Shaped Coin

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Item specifics
Year of Issue:2024
Issuing Country:Samoa
Weight:2 oz
Finish:Antiqued, Gold Gilded
Diameter:150 x 23 mm
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Display Box

Discover the Sacred Legend of The Holy Lance 2 oz Silver Coin

Step into history with Spectres’ Holy Lance coin, a stunning recreation of the revered artifact also known as the Spear of Longinus, or Spear of Destiny. This 2 oz .999 pure silver coin captures the mystique of the Holy Lance, alleged to have pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross during his crucifixion.

Authorized by Samoa, this legal tender merges collectible artistry with a powerful piece of sacred history. It was believed that whoever possessed the spear held the destiny of the world, for good or evil.

  • Exclusivity: This limited-edition coin has a mintage of only 999 pieces, making it a truly unique addition to any collection.
  • Craftsmanship: Expertly minted, this shaped coin features a detailed depiction of the Holy Lance in antiqued finishing. The central sleeve, gilded in gold, stands out beautifully. On the reverse, the inscription “LANCEA ET CLAVVS DOMINI” (Lance and Nail of the Lord) emphasizes its sacred significance. The obverse side bears “2024 SAMOA 5 DOLLARS 2 OZ .999 AG,” along with the Public Seal of Samoa on the base of the spear, blending historical reverence with modern minting.
  • Collectible and Currency: As legal tender with a face value of 5 Dollars, this coin is not only a tribute to sacred history but also a valuable addition to any collection.
  • Presentation: Each Holy Lance coin comes in custom packaging that highlights its historic theme, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee its origin and quality.

Claim a Piece of Sacred History

Don’t miss this unique chance to own a piece of profound history. The Holy Lance coin is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the deep spiritual and historical significance of legendary artifacts. Act now to secure your collectible.