2025 Cameroon European Legends Headless Horsemen 2 oz Silver Antiqued Coin


Item specifics
Year of Issue:2025
Issuing Country:Cameroon
Weight:2 oz
Finish:Antiqued High Relief
Diameter:50 mm
Denomination:2000 Francs
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Upright Clear Acrylic Case

**Unveil the Legend: The Headless Horseman Silver Coin**


Step into the mist-shrouded realm of folklore with the inaugural release of the “Headless Horseman” silver coin, the premier edition in our series that breathes life into legendary figures from the annals of myth and mystery. This meticulously crafted coin not only preserves a slice of ancient lore but also enshrines one of the most spine-chilling narratives in the echelons of dark folklore.


Originating from the ghostly legends of medieval Europe and immortalized in Washington Irving’s eerie tale, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” the Headless Horseman is a spectral apparition of a fallen warrior who rides under the cloak of night. He is often depicted as a foreboding omen of doom, ceaselessly searching for his lost head, with his haunting presence casting a shadow over the hearts of the beholders.


Struck in 2 ounces of the purest silver and spanning a grand 199 mm in diameter, the coin presents:


**Obverse:** The obverse proudly bears the legal tender, intricately engraved to meet the impeccable standards of the mint. It symbolizes authenticity and reverence for the rich tapestry of legendary tales woven through time.


**Reverse:** The reverse plunges you into the chilling heart of the tale with a high-relief depiction of the Headless Horseman in a fierce gallop through a haunted forest. The moon casts eerie shadows through gnarled trees, highlighting the spectral figure’s relentless pursuit amidst the twisted branches. Every element, from the fluttering cape to the steed’s fiery eyes, is designed to pull the observer into the ghostly night where legends roam.


This coin is issued in an extremely limited mintage of only 199 pieces, making it a rare gem as elusive as the legends it encapsulates. Due to the historical sell-out nature of our thematic projects, this spectral edition is anticipated to disappear as quickly as a ghost at dawn. Secure your piece of this haunting legend today, and own a timeless artifact that echoes the thrill and mystery of the night.