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2024 America Eagle Cicada Apocalypse 1 oz Silver Colorized Glow in the Dark Coin

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Item specifics
Year of Issue:2024
Issuing Country:United States
Weight:1 oz
Special Feature:Color & Glow in the Dark
Certification:Mint Certified
Packaging:Quadrium Capsule w/COA Sleeve

In the year 2024, an extraordinary phenomenon unfolded across America, marking a momentous occasion that had not been witnessed for 221 years. It was the convergence of Brood XIX and Brood XIII, two ancient cicada broods emerging simultaneously, blanketing the nation in a symphony of buzzing wings and shimmering colors. Amidst this historic event, a special commemorative silver coin was minted to honor the rare occurrence.

The 1 oz America Silver Eagle, adorned with selective color and glow-in-the-dark effects, captured the essence of the cicada apocalypse with exquisite detail. Encased in a quadrum sleeve and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, this coin boasted a limited mintage of only 221 pieces, making it a coveted treasure for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

As billions of cicadas emerged in unison, painting the landscape with their iridescent hues, the nation paused to witness the beauty and wonder of nature’s cycle. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of history with this rare coin, a testament to the harmony between man and nature, immortalized in silver for generations to come.